Bedroom Fuck

Dante Colle and Max Sargent

Chapter 3 - Bedroom Fuck When this sexy stepfather and stepson team showed me the threesome they had, it got me so worked up that I begged them for more! I don’t know what it is about a handsome stepdad having fun with a couple of young boys that gets me going. The stepson then sent me this video and explained how they got together. After he’d gotten a taste of the older man at the gloryhole, the boy couldn’t stop thinking about getting more. I get it! That stepdad’s cock is amazing! He knew he couldn’t come right out and ask for it--he had to be more clever than that. Instead, the stepson took a picture of himself naked and put it on his computer, leaving it out for his horny stepdad to find. Not only that, he left out a camera to catch him rubbing one out to it! Sneaky kid! The busted stepdad was given a choice: fuck the boy’s ass or have it shown to his wife. This muscle stepdaddy could see he’d been trapped, but the look in his eyes says he’d been thinking about it for a while himself. Watching these two guys go at it is a thing of real beauty. And when the stepson finally gets that monster cock inside him, I was impressed how well he took it! It’s almost like he was born for that dick!

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