Family Secret

Alex Killian and Damien Nichols

Chapter 12 - Family Secret Is it possible to be in love with a family? Every time I get these videos in, I can’t get over how much I love watching these guess messing around! Little Austin comes home from school to see his stepdad and big stepbrother hanging out, drinking beers, and watching TV. It’s hard for the younger boy to be away from his old man all day, but it’s always great seeing these two handsome men side by side--especially having taken each of their loads up his tight little hole! As soon as they get a chance, Austin and his stepdad steal a passionate kiss when his big stepbrother steps away. This stepdaddy stepson couple, however, can barely keep their hands off each other, resulting in the older stepbrother catching them in the act! Luckily, Jeff can’t get enough of seeing his little stepbrother fucked and filled, leading stepdaddy and his eldest to take turns barebacking their sweet little boy! What I would give to be a part of this family!

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