How to Keep Your Balls Dry

How to Keep Your Balls Dry

Jax Thirio and Benvi

An Exclusive Family Dick Benvi Scene

Hot dilf Jax finally finds time to get a hot bath. The ripped stud enjoys every drop of water in his muscular body, rubbing himself slowly on his chest, abs, dick, and balls to properly cleanse himself. Just when he starts feeling relaxed, his stepson Benvi knocks on the bathroom door and barges in. Surprised by how his sexy stepdaddy dries himself with a towel, he inquires about how Jax dries his balls as an excuse to get in the shower with him. His stepdad knows about Benvi’s lustful intentions, so he gets him naked and all wet to fondle with his sweet cock and bubble butt. Stepdad and stepson blow each other in the shower, making the room even steamier. A little soap allows them to stimulate each other’s asses and gives Benvi an opportunity to savor his stepdad’s asshole. Now clean, Benvi’s balls might be dry, but he still needs them drained, so Jax offers the twink to fuck his cumhole to release his load. Benvi loves the idea and eats up his stepdad’s ass once more, this time, with more passion. Now that Jax’s juicy ass is all open, Benvi fucks his stepdaddy’s hole, with Jax encouraging him to go harder with him. Finally, the release comes with a splash of cum that drips from Jax’s delectable six-pack–time for another shower!

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