Skipping Class

Max Sargent and Shane Jackson

Shane is usually a great student, but recently he’s hit a bit of a rough patch. To remedy the situation, his teacher calls a meeting with the boy’s stepdad. He reveals that he found a journal filled with explicit sexual fantasies Shane has written about his handsome stepdad. He wants to know exactly what the old man is teaching the boy at home, so Shane and his pop give the inquisitive instructor a hands-on lesson. The boy strips and lets the older men caress his tight body as his cock grows hard. They worship each other’s holes in a sexy rim train, before Shane deepthroats his stepdad’s giant dick . Then, Mr. Sargent shoves his cock into his boy’s bubble butt, stretching his hole. The parent teacher conference comes to a creamy conclusion, with the muscle men filling the boy’s hole with their loads!

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