Sleepy Movie Night

Alex Killian and Austin Xanders

Chapter 2 -- Sleepy Movie Night I couldn’t believe my eyes when this came in. One of the hottest things ever is seeing that look in a stepfather’s eyes when his love becomes an uncontrollable sexual urge for his stepson. This video gave me that and had me practically cumming in my pants. One night when this stepdad’s little boy came in to watch TV with him, he surprised even himself with just how much he came to crave his stepson’s hole. The little boy falls asleep in his lap and his stepdad puts his arm around him. As you watch, you can see how the stepdad’s fingers start by innocently caressing the kid to eventually grazing his baby boy’s sweet, little hole. The hottest part was when the stepdad finally couldn’t take any more and whips his cock right out of his briefs--with his sleeping stepson’s face a mere inches away! When the boy wakes up, he’s staring directly at his stepdad’s baby maker, not sure of what to do. Fortunately for him, his stepdad shows him how to nurse on his cock like a good boy should. What I wouldn’t give to have been in that boy’s shoes...

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