Stepfather Stepson Workout

Jack Dixon and Carter Michaels

Chapter 1 - Stepfather Stepson Workout The gym never really interested me much as a kid. Seemed like a lot of work and sweating and for what? It wasn’t until I got older that I started to become obsessed with jock straps…especially on guys who were older than me. I would think of how their sweaty junk would hang snugly inside the jock pouch, getting all musky and warm. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I was finally able to shove my face in one and inhale deep. I could have cum right then! This video was sent in to me by a hot, muscle stepdaddy who caught his stepson in a similar state of ecstasy. After a hot workout that got him all sweaty and excited, he couldn’t help but admire his stepson’s growing body. And once he saw that his stepson was rock hard with his old man's musky jock pressed against his face, he couldn’t resist giving him a taste of the source. This beefy, bear stepdaddy has a massive cock that his boy can barely handle. But once they break through the initial taboo barrier, the boy seemingly can’t get enough of stepdaddy dick in his mouth and ass. This supportive stepdaddy knows that for his boy, taking his big dick for the very first time is going to be hard. But like their workouts, he’s right there to coach him through it. You can see the pride in the older man’s eyes when he slips in inch by inch.

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