The Night No One Slept

Jack Waters , Nick Floyd , Xtian Mingle and Jordi Massive

In a new episode of this sexy sitcom, Timmy Gibbler (Nick), the hot twink neighbor, stays for the night. There is only one problem: he is a heavy snorer! Timmy moves from room to room, preventing BJ (Jack), Jesse (Xtian), and Joey (Jordi) from having a good night's sleep. As the four men find themselves trying to sleep on the couch, Jesse decides to put an end to this, confronting Timmy on his snoring problem. The boy tells him the only way to cure it is by “pushing his button.” Jesse understands perfectly and starts feeding him with his luscious dick. To fit in, BJ goes for Joey’s throbbing cock. The two uncles plow Timmy and BJ to lift the Gibbler curse and have some rest.

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